New Interface ☺️

Early this week we relaunched our interface, changing the whole interface from technology to the branding is not an easy task and it's an even harder choice.

However, we decided to look at our page with a fresh approach. We really did like our dark theme, however it was not user-friendly, it stood out but probably for the worse.

We keep changing out interface following the best practices of UX/UI and that is why it probably reminds you of Google or Airbnb.

Some of our key modifications

  • We switched over to a white base theme. Although less energy efficient it is more calm and welcoming than our previous dark blue.

  • Our color scheme is heavily based on our new Front End framework Bulma added a more vibrant and soft color pallet. Logging in now is welcoming before it felt shady and when you are dealing with data that is the last feeling you should create.

  • Our starting theme was from CreativeTim actually the dashboard is still using the Material Theme, however, we felt that their strong focus towards optimizing their Premium packages left the Free ones behind in terms of components and bugs.

  • The old dataset card component was not up to par with our ambitions. We received comments that it felt like an add or not part of the website. The new card is no longer dynamic (no html rendering just simple text) improving the load speed and also decreases the distractions. We will actually create a whole article just for the design of the dataset card component.

We hope that the changes reflect the needs of the community 👪

Let us know what you think on Twitter or any other social media!