Free Services to Bootstrap your Project.

We spent a lot of time implementing features, fixing bugs, going through prioritization meetings.
So some times you just want a tool to get things done.

We assembled a list of services that provide a Free tier to bootstrap your project or enhance your current one. We use most of them here at DataCircle.

You can find the complete list with links here.

Email 📧

In order to use any service you will need an Email Address. Let's face it is a necessity.
Apart from the privacy concerns there is nothing more flexible, a great amount of integration and services but Gmail.

Social Media 📺

Social media is a neccerity tool to grow your product, even if it is a side-project.

A few of the largest social media are: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Reddit.

To enhance the experience I always use Buffer, it allows multi-post to the top 3 social media giving you a great deal of automation.

Addthis, is a plug and play social media buttons for your page.

Lastly, content is king and we will host is where else but Medium.

Analytics 📈

You have to know what is going on with your product.
Are people engaging?
What are your weak spots?
I find Google Analytics a comprehensive overview of such details and with a bit of salt and pepper from Woopra, you are able to pin point user journeys.

Honorable mention is Albacross that works more for B2B engagements.

Communication 💬

Communication with your users is key. One of the oldest and quite engaging approach is still nesletter and when you talk about newsletter you think of Mailchimp.

A more modern approach are on-sites chat. You gotta love Crisp's god view and real time tracking of the users, but if you want a simpler experience Chaport is there to deliver.

Browser 🌐

You have to use a Browser to use these services and although I turn red when I see Chrome's RAM & CPU Consumption, I can stop from using it.
The power to switch profiles and toggle between private and business life is a gift.

Productivity 💪

After a while you will want to organize yourself.
Add taks on Trello, manage your meetings on Calendly and use Slack for communication.

Design 🎨

Landing pages but be eye catching and that's were you need an eye catching image, logo or mail template.
In Unsplash you find pictures,
In Emojipedia you find all those emojis to capture the attention
And in Canva you edit them all together.

Payment 💰

Last but not least if you will need a payment processor you will find there is no free ones.
Nevertheless Stripe and Paypal are one of the best ones out there.


Hosting 🖥️

If you need to host your page or app and you are technical you will be delighted to use the free slot of Heroku or Azure.

Yes, Azure is not free, but you can sign up for a new account and get free credits for 12 months.

For static pages Github Pages will serve you wonderfully.

Code 💻

Almost all git repo services offer a free tier, Github, Bitbucket. Pick and choose to your liking.

Automation 🤖

It goes without saying that if you want to automate flows you should use Zappier.
They have a ton of integrations and with a more favorable payment model they could become a standard.

Sending Email

You cannot go wrong by using Mailgun for sending emails. Seamless integration with no hiccups.

Now off back to work! ⭐ and if you need any data, take a look at DataCircle